There are so many beautiful places on Earth...

I wish I could visit them all...  But I can't... I can't afford travelling...

That's why I joined My 20 Dollar Travel Business.

To afford visiting at least some of those numerous fantastic places before I'm too old to travel...

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My $20 Travel Business is truly
one of the best values on the Internet today!

I highly recommend you taking a serious look at what our business has to offer...
I promise that you will find My $20 Travel Business to be exactly what you have been looking for!

Amazing Administration With An Outstanding Compensation Plan!

When you click >> HERE <<
a website in a new window will open.
Under "Meeting Resources" you'll find recordings of numerous past webinars.

What I love about My20DollarTravelBiz

The above banner tells the full truth.

There are 3 levels you can start with:

- You can start by paying just $1 to test this business for 1 month
  (when your next payment is due - you will automatically be upgraded to the Gold Level,

- Gold level ($20 a month) is the level most people choose,

- You can right away start with the Platinum level ($100 a month)

Click HERE and Choose the Best Membership for YOU

No matter what your membership level, you can refer others
and earn 50% Fast Start Commissions on their sign up membership purchase.

For example:
If you joined at $1 level, and you referred someone who went Platinum at once,
you get paid $50!

Every month that follows, you get paid 25% of your referral's level

You get paid $5 per every your Gold referral,
You get paid $25 per every your Platinum referral.

When you start earning $100 a month
you will be automatically upgraded to the Platinum level

When you have enough commissions
to cover your next month's membership,
the commissions will automatically be used to pay for your next month's membership!

How the Commissions are paid

You get paid 2 times a month automatically on the 1st and 15th day each month

you can choose from:

a) Checks in the USA and Canada.
b) Direct Deposit in 30 Countries (not in the USA).
c) Bitcoin Worldwide.

You only need 2 personally referred members
to qualify for all commissions.

There are 7 Billion people on the planet.

I am a member of Travel Team Build

My team will help you get your 2 personal referrals!

Your link will be added to our Team Rotator to help you get 2!
Once you have your 2, you stay in our Team Rotator and can continue to get more referrals,
but wee shift our focus to your 2 to help them get their 2!

Our 20Dollar Travel Business Team Build has been created by Nicole Meade,
the owner of Max Ad Co-Op.

Plus - I (Margaret Bukojemska) run a 2nd rotator,
for those people who are in my Team.

The person who told me about My 20Dol Travel Biz, told me this:
Before I decided to join Nicole's Travel Team Build
I've been a member of her Co-op for about a year
and I've been aware of her Travel Team for many months...

Why it took me so long to join My20DollarBiz?

The reason was very stupid.

In my MaxAdCo-Op I could read that when I join Nicole's Travel Team
I will also become a member of an AIOP Team that Nicole supports.

It tooks me months before I learned that joining that AIOP Team is 100% optional...