Build Your List & Your 1st Income Stream

Margaret is not going to force you to do anything
(after all making money online is just an option and not a must).

However, if you are serious about building a stable, long-lasting income
- you must start by building your list.

And - building a list without an autoresponder doesn't make any sense.

The most immediate benefit is this: 
  • Very few people are willing to join a new program, team, or system
    the first time they find it.
  • Some of them need even a month or more to think and re-think,
    perhaps to ask some questions, before they can make any decision.
  • The only efficient and easy way to give them enough time and information
    is through an autoresponder because an autoresponder does the job for you!

** builds your list and your 1st Income Stream **

You can start with 30 Day Free Trial.

TrafficWave has been launched in 2000

TrafficWave gives you

(1) high quality unlimited autoresponder
for a flat monthly fee of $17.95
(2) Very Lucrative Pay Plan
You can subscribe with Skrill or a credit/debit card (you get paid with a check).
TrafficWave Pays Us A Lot:

Fast Track Bonus
Every time you enroll a paid referral
   2-3 weeks later you get paid Fast Track Bonus of $17.95
   (provided you are a paid TW affiliate).

Monthly Commission

(paid automatically around the 20th each month)

Every paid TW member in the first line of your 3 x 10 matrix
   earns you $6 a month (3 x $6 = $18)

- You may earn up to $1 a month per every person in rows 2-10.

I cannot imagine promoting anything
without building my list.


Because when I promote a splash page - I waste my efforts.

When you promote a capture page:

 People interested to know more will be on your list!
   - after all not everyone will join the program you are promoting...

 You give them a chance to get used to you,

 You give them time to thoroughly study your offer,

  • Very few people are willing to join a new program or team
    the first moment they see it.

 You can tell all people on your list about all your other programs,
   about your methods to promote, etc.

 Let's imagine that a year (or 3 years) from now
   you discover a new great biz.

   This is what you will do:

  • You will write a message about your new biz.
    (usually this message will be given to you)
  • You will send it to everyone on your list
    with one click of your mouse!

TrafficWave is the only biz in "Margaret Success Team" with no Team Rotator.

It means - your prospects (a person on your list)
if they decide to create a TrafficWave account
always become your personal TW referrals.

If you already have a TrafficWave account
- you don't have to open another one, unless you want to of course.

TrafficWave allows for multiple accounts.

Why no rotator for TrafficWave (TW)?
  • You can cancel your TW account even as soon as you have paid.
  • Some people do this by accident. 
  • The moment you click "cancel" - your TW account becomes inactive.
  • It's no problem to re-activate a cancelled account but it may take even 3 days.
As a result - if a person who wants to join TW
clicks a link that belongs to an inactive member
they join under a random TW member!

TrafficWave sells paid advertising:
  • Guaranteed Traffic,
  • Advertising Co-Op - they will promote your link for a month
    (cost of 1 share - $39.95)
  • Leads - you can buy a certain amount of leads to any of your campaigns
    (Co-Registation Program)
My advice (from my - but not only - experience)
if you purchase any of the above - you will definitely lose your money.

TrafficWave offers a truly high-quality autoresponder services.

As for the paid advertising... well... stay away...