GDI (Global Domains International)

You start with 7 Day Free Trial

tnen it's just $10 a month

You earn $1 (monthly) per every person in your downline (5 levels deep),
unlimited width (you may have 1000 people in your 1st level).

>> You earn $1 monthly per every person in your downline no matter who refers them.

>> You earn even if you have zero personal referrals.

Let's imagine this situation:
You joined as my 1st referral.  You are in my 1st line.

Instead of promoting my own link,
I promote your link and by doing this I place people under you.

Thanks to this - we both (you and I) get paid every month.

GDI - Global Domains International - have been around since 1999.

You can subscribe with PayPal or credit/debit cards
You can be paid to your PayPal, via Bank Wire or check.

Every program in "Margaret Success Team" is optional.

However - the simplicity of GDI Pay Plan makes joining a good idea.

If you join GDI for the first time ever
you can earn additional $25 quite fast
by completing all the steps for
GDI Learning Bonus
(after you join - we give you detailed step-by-step directions)

Please Note: Margaret joined GDI with the GDI Power Team.

Members of this team do not have to join TrafficWave and build their list. 
This is just an option.

As the main focus of GDI Power Team is to help you build your income with GDI

(and not TrafficWave) so this Team has prepared for you 6 cool splash pages
to build your GDI downline and income without building a list.

- your link will be added to the GDI Power Team Rotator

- Margaret has yet another rotator - with GDI links of those people who are in her downline.

I don't know about you, but Margaret told me this:

"In the past I was with quite a few GDI teams - it never worked for me.

"However, I strongly believe that if -- instead hoping that some 'mysterious' uplines will find referrals for us -- we do our best to build our downlines ourselves - together we can succeed.

"Because GDI pays $1 per every person in my downline,
-- if instead of promoting my own link I promote the link of my referral(s) --
I can build my own and their downline (and income) at the same time.

"I can tell you how I'm doing this (promoting for my downline members).
It's simple, easy and no additional cost is necessary."