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60 + 130 + 250 + 400
ALL at the SAME time - over & over

That's a whopping $840 again & again

>>> Many members are cycling "several" times weekly! <<<

Only 2 needed

- We add YOUR link to the

team rotator and get them

for YOU

The sooner you join - the sooner you earn - over & over & over

Your total cost will be one-time $25
(credit and debit cards are also accepted)

You'll NEVER have to pay anything AGAIN

>> If you already have a 2by2ForYou account but you want our Team's help,
      you'll have to create another account (under a member of our Team).

After you have paid the one-time $25 and your position has been activated

You Must Do This (otherwise we won't be able to help you):

Send the following...

1. Your full name

2. Your chosen username

3. Full name of the team member you joined under
(as soon as you log into your new 2by2foryou account - you'll see this name)

Send the above information to...


Type in the subject line: "I have joined 2by2ForYou"

Wink Then keep checking your inbox
for the arrival of the team Welcome Message


As soon as you have 6 people under you
(even if you have zero referrals)
you will cycle and get paid your first $60
(from our rotator you'll receive 2 referrals, each of them will also receive 2 referrals, and so on, and so on)
We have invented >> a cool way that will let you >> enroll unlimited referrals.

All payouts are done automatically on Fridays
(provided of course you cycled the previous week)
If you're in the US
2by2ForYou will send you a check
If you're outside the US
choose either STPay or Bitcoin to receive your money.